Achey Joy.

My heart is hurting.

No big disaster.  No tragedy.  Not even a close call.

But still…my heart is fighting for JOY today.

It’s achey in all the places coffee and a good book and my comfy blanket can’t reach.

Has that ever happened to you?  Life seems good, and yet

Children are sleeping & fed & not flunking,

the Dr. isn’t calling,

work is fine & even sometimes fun,

there are groceries in the cupboard and gas in the tank,

and yet.

I lift up the corner of my life and peak underneath, and there it is…

A harsh word.

An unmet expectation.

A momentary sting.


just sitting there – unspoken, untended, and unforgiven.

And left like that, all it can do is make my heart hurt.

Cause my heart to ache deeply.  As in, so far down that I almost forget it’s hurting.


Then it bubbles up, catches my breath and I have to fall to my knees,

scoop up all that hurt, and hand it to the only One who can restore the JOY.

No need for me to fight for it after all.

A gift freely given and deeply needed.

Today.  Tomorrow.  Every Day.



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