“I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.”  Bob Goff

When I was younger – as in forever ago & sometimes 2 minutes ago — I was sure I would make a BIG splash in the world.  I couldn’t tell you if it was my personality or the way I was raised or an external expectation that kept calling my name.  All I know was that it was & still is sometimes, something way down deep inside of me that was longing for MORE.


And if it just stayed there, buried in my gut, sleeping like a hibernating Mama Bear,  I might be able to say to you — it’s no big deal.  But it never stays quiet for long.  This urge, this push, this MUST HAVE hum, almost vibration — that I can feel at all times — tends to want to take over.

And if I’m not careful, It will turn my ahead away from the people and things that really matter.  The people & pursuits that ACTUALLY give me life.  Who are usually standing right in front of me.  Like a kid on the midway, with 5 bucks in my pocket, I fall for it.

Every.  Stinkin.  Time.

So here’s what I”m learning to do.

I’m practicing the life-changing discipline of making the longing serve me.  I’m done being it’s servant.  Pushing, hiding, striving, jumping…when it says so.

And so, when I feel it picking up speed…

While I read someone else’s stories,

when I see pictures of someone else’s life & accomplishments,

& as I’m a part of other people’s celebrations…

                                                                                   I’M JOINING IN!

See, the LONGING wants me to believe that there is only LIFE if it’s ME that’s winning or accomplishing or celebrating.

But LIFE happens whenever LOVE wins.

And LOVE keeps winning when the people in my world, step up to their LIFE and participate in it.

And maybe, just maybe,  when that happens, because the longing is now serving me…

I will be there to whistle & cheer & cry & clap & yell at the top of my voice…



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