This weekend we went back to the University where the hubs and I met (and oh yeah, I got a degree).

It’s a gift, really…to walk around a place where your heart came alive for the very first time.  It was good to hold his hand & walk through the valley, remembering a much more “robust” version of him yelling my name to “wait up”.  I’m awfully glad I did.

30 years later, we’re walking those sidewalks with a Freshman roaming the campus somewhere & a 15 year old holding my other hand.  It’s a pretty amazing feeling to step back into the space where you first began to understand there was going to be a life beyond…accompanied by the very people you dreamed about, but didn’t know yet.

Know what I mean? 

It’s just like Hope to tap you on the shoulder, in the very place you almost gave it up. 

It’s happened to me so many times – in so many places…

Hospital hallways, church pews, in the doorway of a child’s bedroom begging God for something I didn’t even have words for, and yep, on the sidewalks of my Alma Mater’s campus. 

The other day, when the 48 year old version of me was strolling along, I looked over my shoulder and caught a glimpse of my 18 year old self…

Looking lost, full of doubt & fears, and reciting a litany of reasons why IT would never work out.

And then, just when I was about to call her name & tell her not to worry…

Hope walked up and put His arm around her, and we both smiled and went our separate ways.

It’s good to go back.

Sometimes it’s even necessary…


The FairGirls, under the AU bleachers.

So you can keep joining LIFE as it moves forward.


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